The Ears Have It

Jeff Wells has posted some photos and videos, including the cast introduction, from last nights Black Swan premiere. You can check those out over here.

Of more interest was his contention that you really need to see the film with the best possible sound system to get the full effect.

I heard Black Swan at tonight’s Zeigeld premiere screening like never before. The big-screen speakers blasted and trumpeted Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, lifting me up and over and out…fuhgedaboutit. It was my third viewing of Black Swan, and I was blown away yet again…over the falls. This film is a masterwork, a symphony, and 97% of the ticket-buying audience will never appreciate how great it can sound and feel because they’ll be seeing it at some shitty-ass megaplex with the sound turned down so the theatre owner can save on maintenance.

In that case I have no chance down here. I saw Social Network a week ago and not only was the sound horribly muddied and muffled but they left the damn lights of the theatre on. Sigh.