Your Highness Has Been Seen

There was a test screening on the weekend and it sounds like they’re onto a winner. Here are two mini reviews from the IMDB boards.


I saw a test screening the other day of this and it is most definitly R rated. Very vulger, lots of nudity and very, very funny.

The acting was fine, lots of respectable actors (Toby Jones, Damian Lewis, Charles Dance) and Natalie Portman is great because she takes it very seriously, she has hilarious lines but says them with complete seriousness and passion, it worked great.

I’m glad Natalie is playing it straight. I saw Black Dynamite recently, soooo much fun, and Michael Jai White is so funny in the film because he isn’t playing it for laughs.

And here’s what Andrew-1512 thought:

I just saw a screening of this movie in Burbank. its was hilarious especially since some of the cg effects and weren’t done yet, and in some scenes the ropes attached to the actors where still visible. but enough of that. i fully enjoyed this movie and plan to see it again, the timing and pacing of the movie was excellent the jokes where witty except for a few super dirty scenes. but when it comes out i am going see it again. i give it a 8/10

Bring. It. On.